The problem: teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 21 look for new ways to express themselves and to communicate confidentially with members of their
The solution: ARoglyph offers a virtual canvas for public graffiti or private notes, and makes it easier to keep walls and fences clean from drawings.

Introverts and people with disabilities

The problem: there are more than 3 millions of people with autism spectrum disorders and about 3-4 millions people with hearing disorder in the USA alone. This is a large number of people who need help in socializing.
The solution: ARoglyph allows introverts to initiate a “delayed conversation” by leaving a mark that is not addressed to anyone in particular. And there is no need to make friends before or later.


The problem: when one travels to a new place, any relevant on-site information provided is welcome (e.g. recommendations from locals or advice from other travellers).
The solution: Aroglyph provides the possibility to leave textual, graphical or audio information related to the place of interest. Moreover, all irrelevant marks (out of range) are hidden when you are on the spot.


The problem: neighbors often don’t know each other but still have common interests to discuss and common problems to solve (eg. house maintenance issues, garage sales etc.).
The solution: with ARoglyph neighbors can share and discuss common topics with no face to face meetings by placing marks at their buildings and leaving comments on these marks.

Brick-and-mortar businesses

The problem: retail businesses face limited possibilities to expose their offerings to people around – those who live in adjacent buildings or just passing by.
The solution: ARoglyph brings a handy replacement of posters and other ATL advertisement. Prices, descriptions and other details can be updated easily when they are exposed in a virtual mark.

Local institutions

The problem: City communities often need to mark places such as bus stops or tourist locations to make them visible from farther away than just a few meters.
The solution: ARoglyph allows placing a mark for any place or object. One can build a live bi-directional communication channel via mark comments.