About company

ARoglyph Inc. is a US company, incorporated in Commonwealth of Virginia, with development done in Kyiv, Ukraine. ARoglyph Inc. was founded by Max Ronshin and Eugene Mayevski, each having over 15 years in software development business.

Based on their experience Max and Eugene decided to develop a fully functional product instead of the half-empty prototype as startups and beginning entrepreneurs do. The aim is to deliver the ready to use product for the wide audience to use.

To work on the project the founders involved senior software engineers with 10+ years of experience with development of software for mass markets and for corporate sector. Management of the development process is a duty of the professional project manager and this allows to achieve the predicted and planned result in time.

Project planning and organization is done using Zoho Projects service, with help of Google technologies for corporate use (Google Apps for Business, Hangouts).

Company growth plans include both expansion of the software development division and support service and also development of the marketing and sales department. At the moment commercial questions are dealt with by the founders.

For Everyone

The idea of ARoglyph initially was articulated by Max Ronshin, the serial entrepreneur with solid background in geolocation services, as “let’s write something nasty on the fence, but make it visible only using the smartphone”. This idea has transformed into tags that could be placed on anything in the physical world, and still be visible only with help of the software. As the word “tags” is used in a different meaning today, we used the word “marks” instead.

Still the tags by themselves are hardly useable. We need something that could attract people. So grew the social component of the idea. Eugene Mayevski, service co-founder who has been working with software developers and IT-related people since the beginning of his career, noticed that there are lots of people who are either introverts by nature or just too shy to actively participate in social networks and social services, yet they have a word or two to say to the world. Possibility to create marks and make them visible not to only friends (whose number is relatively low even for extraverts) but to anyone walking around (within certain range) would help those introverts socialize, help others and get help from others as well.

Sharing of ideas is not the only function of the service. ARoglyph can be used in many different scenarios, both for private or confidential contacts, public activities and commercial use. One important thing ARoglyph offers is possibility for neighbors in cities and towns to get in touch with each other more effectively, organize and participate in local actions.

Now we see ARoglyph not just as a service, but as a platform for both communication and for building custom solutions such as games, infrastructure projects (imagine a gas company that marks its pipes and boxes with invisible marks and let its workers see the marks via the smartphone), public events (open-air museums can set marks that indicate location of particular exhibits) and more.

ARoglyph now is just starting and we have plenty of plans and ideas about its development and growth. Stay tuned and share your ideas with us.