This guide provides prescriptions to make user experience smooth and gracious when elements of style of ARoglyph® are in use.
To keep the experience on the highest level these guidelines should be applied to every material wherever it is published – offline or online.
The trademarks displayed in this guide are the property of ARoglyph Inc. Inappropriate usage of these trademarks is prohibited.


The official name of the company is ARoglyph Inc. The official name of the product is ARoglyph®.
When the name of the product is used within a text, it is necessary to capitalize two letters in the beginning or all of them: ARoglyph or AROGLYPH. The symbol of a registered trademark (R) should be applied to the first usage of the name of the product.
Wherever it possible to use an image of the trademark, please use one of the images available for download from sections below.


The logo represents an hieroglyph evolved from the side view of the bull’s head, as it was drawn by ancient people.

Download logo EPSPNG

The logo must be used as provided by ARoglyph Inc., without any changes, including color or proportions.
The logo must not be used as a substitution of the name of ARoglyph Inc. as a company or its products and services in text materials.


Logo colors is green sea, black or white.

Download logo versions  EPSPNG | EPSPNG | EPSPNG | EPSPNG


Color palette. Also black(#000000) and white(#ffffff) are included.



The slogan is Re-mark-able. The slogan must not be changed, nor shortened, nor extended in any way.


ARoglyph Inc. reserves the right to make changes to the above guidelines as it deems necessary or appropriate. To get additional information regarding trademarks, please refer to Trademark Guidelines.