ARoglyph service lets you share your ideas in the virtual layer of reality to people near you.

The founders of ARoglyph – Maxim Ronshin and Eugene Mayevski –  will showcase the innovation at the international startup exhibition Bits&Pretzels, 27th – 29th Sep. in Munich, Germany.

We are looking forward at meeting with investors, entrepreneurs and startup ecosystem.


About ARoglyph:

ARoglyph is a mobile service which gives you a possibility to place virtual marks anywhere in the world without binding them to the particular address. The mark is visible on a limited distance to anyone or to the particular audience and it can be created from a text note, picture or audio record.

It helps introverts and people with disabilities in socializing by means of a “delayed conversation” which is not addressed to anyone in particular.

Youngsters get a virtual canvas for public graffiti or private notes, neighbors can discuss topics of common interests without face to face meetings,  retailers get a possibility to  expose their offerings to people around with virtual marks.

The social role of the app can’t be overestimated.