Capture the evidence

If you see a car crash or the crime being committed, it is important to create a visual evidence for police or investigators: cars in a car crash can be moved, suspects during a crime will surely run away.

While you can make a picture and post it to the social network, a facebook post or a twit won’t reach police automatically. And just making a picture requires that you stay at the place of the crime for some time, and then pass the picture(s) to police.

With ARoglyph you can leave a message for police that will come later.

Here’s how ARoglyph help

Start creating a mark in the app. Make a picture or record a voice message, add some text description, set its lifetime to a couple of days, then proceed with mark creation.

To prevent any possible revenges from criminals being involved you can make your name hidden (“incognito” marks) or even make the mark anonymous (“community” marks).


Tell the people around that you’ve created a mark in ARoglyph, so that they could share this information to police, or maybe add their comments about what they saw, to your mark.

Police will have a chance to comment on the mark as well, thus talking back to you.

You can also share the newly created mark in social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, for improved visibility of your captured audio and video material.

Download and use for free

ARoglyph is available on Google Play and AppStore. Download and start using today!

More options


Leaving the accident or crime not captured is bad for society and maybe even dangerous for you, as it lets wrongdoers go unnoticed and not punished. ARoglyph helps you and authorities enforce justice at the crime scene.