First love

Saying “I love you” is always hard, especially when you are doing this for the first time. If you are not sure whether your loved one will favor your message or reject you, it’s a good idea to not advertise your feelings to the whole company or school class.

ARoglyph comes to a rescue by letting you create private marks for just one, unique, recipient of your feelings.

Our parents expressed their love by writing the tender words on the pavements under their love’s windows. But doing this attracts attention of by-passers and is not always technically possible (no free pavement, visible from the window) or even forbidden.

There happen guys that do dangerous tricks like climbing the wall or climbing down the rope from the top of the building to get to their dear’s window. Some of those tricks ended up in a fatal manner.

Why go such a complicated road? Make saying “I love you” easier with ARoglyph.

Put down your words of love to the mark description, add a picture or record a tender voice message and create a mark.

Place a mark where you want your darling to see it, near her or his house or, maybe even near the school?

Enjoy privacy settings: configure the mark to be visible for everyone or just to that only person you want to see it. You can even create a mark and stay incognito!

The mark stays visible for a long time (up to 90 days), bringing joy and happiness to you and to the one you love.

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ARoglyph is available on Google Play and AppStore. Download and start using today!

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Saying “I love you” when you are young and shy was always hard, and with ARoglyph it just got much easier!