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Multiday acts of civil disobedience occurred during the last 15 years in more than 10 countries. Not in all cases the desired result has been achieved. This happened partially due to lack of coordination between participants, and lack of agreed claims and demands. Another problem of such acts is the lack of information about location of certain infrastructure objects and services (like public kitchens, places where the fuel is provided, medical care services etc.) on territories occupied by the participants of the mentioned acts.

Here’s how ARoglyph helps

Using ARoglyph you can create and easily change the local map of useful objects on the areas, on which political actions usually take place. Just create a mark with the textual description of the object, optionally add a picture or a voice comment, and other people will easily get to it using the “Navigate To” function of the app. As ARoglyph binds objects to GPS locations and not addresses, one would find the marked object with a great precision and not run around a building or a park looking for this object.

Also ARoglyph helps you spread information, such as the exact time of particular acts, or the exact list of demands and claims, or the news about negotiations with the powers. The information can be shared with all people around, and not across just friends as in social networks. Limiting the lifespan of the mark to several hours both ensures the relevant and timely information, lowers the risks of such information to be discovered and misused and hides the tracks of such information being spread. At the same time one can share ARoglyph marks in social networks to make the information more visible to people around the globe.

Those who read the marks can also leave their comments, and this lets all participants to coordinate their actions online without a risk of their communication being blocked by administration due to complaints from pro-regime bots (as this happen in Ukraine due to pro-russian botnets activity).
And if you worry about your safety and are afraid that powers can find you later and use the information you spread against you, ARoglyph offers anonymous (“community”) marks. Anonymous marks don’t have an identifiable author, and even ARoglyph system doesn’t have traces of who has created such mark.

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Political activity, such as acts of civil resistance, need coordination and confidentiality more than any other form of human activity. ARoglyph will help both spread the word and improve coordination between participants.