Let’s Walk Our Dogs Together

Imagine you’re walking your dog one day after another. Does it get a bit boring at times? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet with fellow dog keepers and chat while the dogs are busy doing their own business? And, you never know what could grow out of some of these meetings. Maybe you’ll find a new close friend or even start a romantic relationship? Who knows. But how do you let the others know you exist, let alone you’re walking the dog from 7 to 8 every day in that cozy part of the park? Let’s see what ARoglyph can do for you.


You start by placing a mark on the map to pin the location you’re walking your dog. Since the location is probably off the street, ARoglyph’s ability to place marks anywhere on the map come extremely handy. There’s no need to find nearby addresses or street names, just placing a mark is enough.


Are you walking your dog at that location every day or just drive there by weekends? Are you a morning dog walker or an evening one? Add a simple text comment to your newly created mark saying something like: “I’m walking my Labrador here every day from 7 to 8 pm. Care to join us?”


After marking a point, let all the other dog walkers know you’re there. ARoglyph makes it easy by simply sharing your mark with everyone around. You can let everyone around the neighborhood see your mark, or limit its visibility to those directly at the place. If you set your mark to be seen by those within a certain radius, they’ll only be able to see it when approaching the place.

Tell About Yourself and Your Dog

Walking a Labradors and Chihuahuas together may not be the best idea, so how about enhancing your mark with your dog’s picture? Sure you have tons of them on your smartphone! Just pick a recent one that you like the best and attach it to your mark for other dog owners to see. And don’t forget to include your own picture or your new friends may not recognize it’s you who posted the mark.

Download and use for free

ARoglyph is available on Google Play and AppStore. Download and start using today!

More options


Getting bored walking your dog alone? Meet with fellow dog owners while the dogs are doing their business! Place an ARoglyph mark with your schedule, add your favorite photo of your dog, and start meeting new dog owners while you walk.