Looking for companions

It’s great to have plenty of friends who share your interests, live near you and are always ready to make you a company when going to the concert, exhibition or just to play table tennis. That’s always so in dreams, but unfortunately in real life your friends have other friends and loved ones, and you often have no company for an upcoming event.

How does ARoglyph connect people?

By posting a message (a “mark”) via ARoglyph you can find new friends or one-time companions easily.

  1. Create a mark near your home (to ensure that the readers live near you and thus can easily meet with you when needed) and describe the planned event and your personal profile (gender, age, basic interests) in the mark text.
  2. Add a picture of yours or the captured ad of the event for more interest from others.
  3. Set mark to expire on the next day after the event (so that irrelevant marks don’t pollute the surroundings).

People around will see your mark, and hopefully there will be some, who are ready to attend an event with you. And who knows, maybe you’ll get a long-term friend. And even if you don’t, you’ll have fun visiting a concert or a sports event.

You can also share the newly created mark in social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, for improved visibility of your invitation.

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More options


Find new friends around with ARoglyph by announcing your future concert or sport event visits and welcoming them to join you.