My Garage Sale Is Yours

Every weekend there are many garage sales happen in all kinds of neighborhoods. If you are to hold a garage sale, how do you make it successful? The answer is advertising. You advertise with road signs close to your house. You may have a banner visible to everyone who passes by. But is that enough to attract buyers? You can only put so many road signs, and your banner won’t interest buyers by listing what you might have for sale.

Featuring a Successful Garage Sale: How-To

ARoglyph is here to help. Advertise your garage sale by simply placing a mark on the map saying “Hey! We have a garage sale this weekend!” and snapping a quick photo of things you have for sale.

With ARoglyph’s advanced control over marks, you can set who’ll see your mark and whether they’ll have to be close to your house to be able to see it. In addition, you won’t have to worry about deleting your ad later on: you can simply set your mark to expire immediately after your event is over.

Find That Garage Sale!

Are you looking for a piece of antique, a pre-loved toy or kids closing for the season? Garage sales are one of the best ways to score a bargain.

With no single place advertising garage sales, you are probably taking a pass on many of those garage sales happening around your neighborhood simply because you have no clue they are there.

Discover all garage sales in your neighborhood with ARoglyph! Just launch the program, and you’ll start seeing pins popping up on the map around you. Hit on a pin and see what the owner has to say about the event.

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ARoglyph makes it easy to advertise your garage sale without leaving a chair or to discover all garage sales in the neighborhood with just a few taps. Announce your garage sale with a mark visible to all the neighbors around, advertise your event to the growing community of ARoglyph users and have the best sale of the year!