No Parking Space?

Do you live in one of those larger cities with too many cars and not nearly enough parking? Do your neighbors get upset when you block their cars when parking overnight? A quick note with your name and phone number put under your windshield may save you the trouble. But what if you don’t have a piece of paper, or if you simply forget putting that note altogether?

ARoglyph comes to the rescue! Just create a small mark visible in a very short radius of 20 to 50 meters and add a note mentioning your license plate and your phone number. Now when the angry neighbor is approaching, the only thing he’ll have to do is reaching for his phone and launching ARoglyph! He’ll see your note instantly as a mark, and will be able to call you to set his car free – and leave that parking spot for you!

How It Works

Replacing a paper note on your car’s dashboard is easy as one-two-three.

  1. Launch ARoglyph and tap to mark your location.
  2. Add a note saying something like this: “If I’m blocking your car, call…” followed by your phone number.
  3. You don’t want everyone in the city to see that mark, so limit its visibility to some 20 meters around your car.
  4. Optionally, you may set your mark to expire after a certain time.
  5. Finally, tap to share your mark with everyone who enters its visibility circle. Done!

Download and use for free

ARoglyph is available on Google Play and AppStore. Download and start using today!

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ARoglyph is a modern day replacement for a piece of paper with your phone number, making it easy for locals to reach you if your car is parked in a tight spot or simply blocks somebody else’s car. A quick note with extremely limited visibility does the trick!