Socializing Traffic Offenders

Noticed a car blocking a roadway? Illegally parked vehicle doesn’t let you pass through? Someone’s driving through the pedestrian zone? The traffic police can’t be everywhere all the time, so it’s your turn to step up. With ARoglyph, you can register an offence right away, and use it as evidence later on. As the drivers learn they’re becoming infamous with their local community for their traffic offences, they’ll become less likely to park or drive illegally. Let’s see how you can make local roads a better place with ARoglyph.

ARoglyph Marks Are Your Evidence

Saw someone violating traffic regulations or leaving their car on a playground? Just snap a photo of the violation and place a new mark with ARoglyph. Placing a mark is as easy as launching the app and tapping on the display, and your newly created mark will be automatically timestamped and accompanied with precise geolocation information.


There’s little sense in just placing marks if no one can see them. Share your mark with local authorities in just a click! As your local traffic police learns their way to use ARoglyph, they’ll be able to see your marks the moment you place them. Also you can share a mark to the social network of your choice, increasing publicity of the offender.


ARoglyph marks are great for communication. Once you place and share your mark, others will be able to leave their comments. Thanks to this feature, serial offenders will become known to and discussed by your local community in a matter of days.

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Report traffic violations to local authorities and make repeat offenders known to your local community by placing an ARoglyph mark. Snap a picture, launch ARoglyph, tap to place and share your mark.