Virtual picket

In countries with totalitarian and other non-democratic regimes, where pickets and demonstrations are formally allowed, they usually don’t last long – authorities take measures to stop any activity immediately. If there’s some performance involved (like painting a monument with national colors, like it was done many times in Ukraine at the times of Yanukovich dictatorship), it’s not a lasting act either.

And these are the situations where ARoglyph comes to rescue.

Here’s how ARoglyph helps

If you organize or pass by a picket, demonstration or other political activity, take a moment to give a chance to the future of your country: make a picture or record a speech, and create an ARoglyph mark with this information. By doing this you would expand the lifetime of the otherwise short action to weeks and months. People who come to the place later will see what happened here before, and how people are standing for their freedom and better life.

If the political activity was interrupted by the police action or just by some thugs (who are often used by the government, when it doesn’t want to be directly involved into repressions), you can tell the world about what has happened too.

You can also share the newly created mark in social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, for improved visibility of your captured audio and video material.

As the ARoglyph mark is bound to certain location and time when it was created, sharing your evidence via the ARoglyph mark gives it additional credibility.
To prevent any possible revenges from authorities or criminals being involved you can make your name hidden (“incognito” marks) or even make the mark anonymous (“community” marks). When the mark is made a community mark, there’s no trace of who created the mark in the system, so your name won’t be ever disclosed to the government.

Download and use for free

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Political activity, such as demonstrations, pickets or acts of civil resistance, need coverage more than any other form of human activity. And if they are forbidden in the totalitarian country, ARoglyph helps spread the word about this activity much better than any social network, that easily gets under government control (as it happens in Russia, China and other countries).