When Road Signs Are Not Enough

Imagine renting a car in a place you’ve never been to before. You’re full of hopes. Traveling around, seeing new things, and maybe you’ll even dare going off the beaten path and taking one of those poorly paved countryside roads. What to expect to see there? Will it be yet another crowded touristy place, or will you hit a beautiful town or medieval village? You never know. The road signs are not storytellers. They can point in the direction of a sightseeing, but they’ll never tell the whole story about the place.

Make your trip more exciting by traveling off the beaten path with ARoglyph! By using ARoglyph visitors who’ve been there before can create marks about things they find worthy. Whether it’s a local pub, a medieval town hall, an outstanding viewpoint, a market square, a cozy cafe or a local flea market, you’ll have a chance to experience the things valued by the locals. ARoglyph helps you uncover things that never get mentioned in the official guides while skipping overhyped or paid-for-inclusion places.

Intrigued? Let’s see how ARoglyph can help make your travel exciting!


The current trend is exploring places off the beaten path.

More and more people start uncovering small native towns, villages and unusual hidden attractions. Whatever they discover, they can express their feelings about with ARoglyph, sharing their experience and their emotions with other explorers.


ARoglyph makes it easy to mark a location on the map.

In order for you to see someone’s mark, they’ll have to make it first. ARoglyph makes it easy to mark a location on the map. All that’s needed is just a tap! They’ll add a quick note, or snap a picture of the place, or add a voice comment – and you will be able to see that mark and decide whether or not it’s worth seeing.

Sharing and Commenting

Support the author by up-voting his mark or leave a comment to the author.

Like what you have just seen? Share the mark to your friends on social networks. Leave your opinion by commenting the mark that lead you there, or add your own mark with a better picture and your own description! Share your mark with everyone visiting that place after you, or just with those in your close circle. Your contacts will be able to receive your marks when they come close to the point of interest.

Going Advanced

With ARoglyph, you control the time when your marks expire.

Not sure if the mark you have just placed should live forever? No worries! With ARoglyph you decide how long the mark is visible. Expired marks get removed from your and your contacts’ maps automatically without you having to do anything.

Want to add value to somebody else’s mark? You can add a text note for any mark, making it easier for the others to find that point you’ve just marked.

Download and use for free

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Make your travel more exciting by taking ARoglyph with you! Get off the beaten path, explore native towns and villages and get guidance from fellow explorers instead of official travel guides. See places the locals find worthy, skip the hype and don’t fall for those paid-for listings in the travel guide!