Your Virtual Gathering Place

Imagine you are having a meeting with someone in a place neither of you have been to before, like gathering for an event organized online or meeting your fellow club mates for an activity. If that place has no street address and no identifiable landmarks around, how will you know where to wait? ARoglyph is a perfect answer! Just agree that the first to come puts a mark in ARoglyph, and all attendees will be able to see it immediately on their screens. The ARoglyph mark becomes your virtual gathering place. How does it work, exactly? Let’s see.


Are you the first to come? Just launch ARoglyph and drop your pin.

With ARoglyph, marking your location is as easy as tapping. You don’t need street names or house numbers, and no map to scroll and zoom. Instead, the marks in ARoglyph save your current location. They aren’t tied to a nearby street address, intersection or landmark. Just tap to create a virtual meeting point!


The attendees will see your mark the moment you share it or when they are close to the meeting point.

After marking a meeting point, let others know you’re there by sharing the mark with everyone on the list. The attendees will see your mark when they are close to the meeting point. If you use “Also share to social networks” function, the mark will be visible to your friends immediately as well.

Not sure if they can find you without further guidance? Enhance your mark with a spoken note, a text comment, or take a photo of the gathering place and share it with everyone who can see your mark!

Going Advanced

ARoglyph marks can live for a long time, or can be set to expire quickly.

By default ARoglyph marks remain active for weeks, and you can limit their lifetime to just hours. Just set your virtual meeting point to expire in one or two hours, and the mark will be removed automatically from your and others’ handsets.

Download and use for free

ARoglyph is available on Google Play and AppStore. Download and start using today!

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ARoglyph is perfect for marking meeting points on the spot. Whether you are hosting a club meeting or participating in an activity, ARoglyph will help you gather in a place you’ve never been to. Tap, mark and share! ARoglyph marks aren’t tied to nearby street addresses, allowing you meet easily off city limits.