In new version of ARoglyph client for iOS and Android, released today, we have included several new functions, which will surely attract your attention and help you use ARoglyph more often.

First, this is the possibility to share your marks to Facebook and Twitter right when you create a mark. This turns ARoglyph into a handy platform for sharing your thoughts, ideas and information with the widest possible audience. You don’t need a paid subscription to Hootsuite or cross-posting set in Twitter in order to share your thoughts or pictures to two places at the same time.

Also you now can hide your name from the mark when you create it. Place marks without revealing your true identity, yet gain points for interesting content, or even create anonymous (“community”) marks, for which even ARoglyph itself doesn’t know, who the author of the mark is. Possibility to write anonymously opens plethora of new ways ARoglyph can be used, from saying I Love You  to helping police to changing your country’s regime for a democratic one and more.